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Musical Journey features 10 pieces written by Shaun Bracey. From solo piano pieces to full orchestral and choral works the music is vibrant, exciting and varied.

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Selected Archive recordings of pieces by Shaun Bracey including piano solos, songs, choral works and orchestral works.

Shaun’s Piece of Old Cloth – piano solo – 1997 – A Ragtime frivolity! Deliberately humorous and tongue in cheek.

Tarancello – flute and piano – 1997 (transcribed 2009) Tarancello is a showpiece inspired by the Tarantella, a feverish dance brought on by the bite of a tarantula.

From Tragedy to Hope – violin solo and orchestra – 2002 (LR) A Prize-winning entry in the international “Concorso 2 Agosto” competition in Italy the piece explores the events surrounding the 1980 terrorist attack on Bologna station.

Take it! – 2003 Whilst recovering from a serious car accident, Shaun wrote Take it! For his wife Carol. The song describes their time apart while he recovered in England and she returned to Dubai.

The Ripple Effect – piano solo – 2005 Shaun and Carol held a concert in their Dubai house for the Pakistani Earthquke Appeal, raising over £7,000. The Ripple Effect was specially written for the evening and explores the idea of the ‘ripples’ of an earthquake and the ‘ripples’ of the humanitarian response.

North America – choir, orchestra and big band – 1998 (LR) This work was written for the Dubai Singers and describes the history of American jazz from Negro spirituals, through Blues and Ragtime, to the Big Band era of the 1940s.Negro spirituals, through Blues and Ragtime, to the Big Band era of the 1940s.

Independence Day – ‘cello and piano – 2002 (LR) Written for a friend’s wedding on the 4th July, this duet reflects on the many facets of marriage. The mood is joyous, reflective, hopeful and, at times, passionate!

The Sleeping Dragon Awakes – piano solo – 2005 Originally commissioned by an entrepreneur as a gift for his wife, ‘The Sleeping Dragon Awakes’ develops a simple pentatonic theme which builds in intensity towards a thrilling climax.

A Musical Peace – orchestra – 2001 (LR) Written for the Dubai Youth Orchestra who perform on this recording, A Musical Peace features solos on Qanun (an Arabian zither), Oud (fretless lute) and Arabic Percussion.

Chained Freedom – 2003 Written for Iraqi musician Waseem Faris, with whom Shaun worked for eight years, Chained Freedom is a personal reflection on the effects of Saddam Hussein’s regime and the Iraq war. Mixed and Mastered by Ty Unwin.

(LR = Live Recording)

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