Scene and Heard – Beyond


Beyond is the final track from Shaun Bracey’s Scene and Heard album. Inspired by an image taken by Jamie Randall of a solar eclipse the piece is meditative and ethereal, giving a feeling of fathomless space and questioning what lies beyond our world. One purchase enables download to 5 devices.


The final piece is inspired by a photograph of an eclipse with a bright amber moon bathed in a sea of black. The music is calm and questioning, much like the image, leaving an audience to ponder what lies beyond our world, both physically and spiritually. The opening chord exploits the wide range of the piano with high notes, representing light, combined with dark, low notes. The music moves slowly, giving an impression of fathomless space. A simple descending tune is harmonised with gentle chords, each time slightly more expansive. Eventually there is more movement with arpeggiation of the chords but the music retains a sense of perpetual omnipresence, gently unfurling as time moves ever onward towards the end. What end? The one that lies beyond.

What lies beyond? Do stars stretch out, infinite, or in finite constellations abound? Does life extend beyond? Do souls released live on, or come to endless mortal rest? What lies beyond?

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