Scene and Heard – Spring


Spring is the opening track of Shaun Bracey’s Scene and Heard album. Inspired by an image taken by Jamie Randall of a bright dandelion seed-head, the music takes us on a journey from dark to light and is a celebration of life. One purchase enables download to 5 devices.


Jamie’s photograph of a dandelion seed, bright against a black background, immediately made me think about the journey from dark to light as we move from Winter to Spring. I decided to represent this by having the music gradually coming to life from a low note to higher small motifs, rather like seeds slowly detaching themselves from the stem and floating on the breeze. These gather momentum and eventually burst into a musical theme full of zest and vibrancy. The theme is developed with richer harmony and increased rhythmic momentum then the piece ends with a return to a lighter texture as the last seeds float free and take on a life of their own.

Dark to light, from death to life, cold winter is forsaken. Warm Spring at last is sprung and dandelion seeds shaken; they dance through skies as colours emerge and waken.

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