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Spring blog

I absolutely love this photo! At first glance it looks like a winter scene as the background is dark and the dandelion seed-head is like a bright snowflake, but on closer inspection the yellow of a flower becomes visible in the background so it must have been taken in Spring. Musically, I wanted to represent the move from darkness to light and the feeling that everything is coming to life. I started by developing several “seed” ideas which then develop and grow into a Spring theme. I then developed the theme to make it grow by bringing in lower and higher notes, giving the impression of the music bursting into life. I used a major key as this tonality gives an element of brightness and joy, and used low notes to represent darkness and higher notes for light.

I am writing 8 pieces based on photographs taken by Jamie Randall which will feature on a CD, Scene and Heard, to be launched at the Bowridge Gallery in October.

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