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I often think about inspiration as it is such a personal subject. Something that inspires one person to go to incredible lengths will leave another feeling overwhelmed or disinterested. I am often inspired by music; at the moment I am blown away by Kate Tempest’s “Peope’s Faces” which inspires me musically, lyrically and emotionally. I’m also hoping to be inspired by the Home Nations’ performance in the rugby world cup! The beautiful Dorset coutryside we are lucky enough to live in regularly inspires me, especially when the sky is hued with puple and orange as the sun sets over the Blackmore Vale. The photo above is of me explaining the ideas behind some of the pieces I have written to my Mum in Devon, herself an inspiring lady!

I am definitely being inspired by Jamie Randall’s photos and loving the opportunity to write music ready for the exhibition at The Bowridge Gallery from October 20th.

I have two pieces left to write and one of them is going to be called “Fireworks”. I am running a Twitter Poll as I can’t decide between four photos. You can add a comment below letting me know which one you think I should use or go to the poll here:

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